For the first time our school will join the Montessori Model United Nations, this year in Geneva. Idoia, Martijn, Tatum, Lija, François, Emil, Mathilde, Vilhelmiina, Madeline, Aaron and Lilja will experiment being a UN delegate from the 6th to the 8th of June, in a conference where they will meet other young people from all around the world, and discuss with them to try and find resolutions on world issues, just as UN delegates do.

Our group will represent Brazil this year. Here you can read the Position Papers that the students wrote to prepare their discussions at the conference:

Brazil and nuclear proliferation by Martijn Hannosset

Removal of Landmines by Tatum Luntang Jensen

Developing Sustainable Energy by Emil Pedersen

Stopping Malaria by Idoia Bols-Anasagasti

Education primarie par Mathilde Simonin

Food Security and Safety by Madeline Anderson

Malnutrition by Vilhelmiina Haarvisto

Coopération à l’accès aux ressources en eau par François Bonifait

Poverty Reduction Programs by Lilja Einarsdottir

Reducing Child Mortality by Aaron Saenen