Miniature Installation
The inspiration for this project is the artist Slinkachu. Slinkachu is a London-based artist who creates very small street-based installations and then photographs them: from far away and up-close.
 He modifies tiny human figurines from model train sets and places them in real urban situations.

His installations are about loneliness, melancholy, people who are lost or alone.

Slinkachu’s approach to street art is subtle, sensitive.  You could easily walk right past one of Slinkachu’s installations and not know it’s there.

His photographs are key: the close-ups make you feel like a participant, while the far-away shots leave you feeling like a spectator.
 For more information you can visit his website:

Assignment for Students in Year 5 and 6:
Task:  make a miniature installation with ‘small people’.

  • Put ‘small people’ in the ‘big world’.
  • Take a macro picture, try to reflect an atmosphere or a message in your installation.
  • Write a little statement about your installation.

View the students’ work here.